Med-Tek Coir Series

Feed chart based on 8 week bloom finishing time genetics. Some genetics take longer to finish and, as a result, feed recommendations should be adapted to suit. Switch down times from the18 hour lights on vegetative phase to the 12 hour lights on bloom phase will be determined by plant genetics and the desired finishing height of the plant/crop.

Always ensure pH and EC meters are calibrated
correctly before taking readings

ECs are established using demineralized/RO water. Consumers should take into consideration the quality of their local water supply before adding nutrients and additives.

Note on using Super Silica

Concentrated silica reacts with other ions in solution if added directly to a mixed nutrient tank/reservoir. For this reason, when mixing a fresh tank/res, add Super Silica first and pH adjust to pH 6.0 – 7.0 before adding A and B nutrients
Predilute Super Silica in water and pH adjust to 6.0 – 7.0 before adding to existing (mixed) nutrient solution

Vegetative Phase

 Cutting Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Coir Vega A & B 1ml/L 1.5ml/L2.0ml/L2.0ml/L2.0ml/L
Nutrient Strength EC 0.8271.
Rhizo Plus2ml/L2ml/L2ml/L2ml/L
Super Silica0.1ml/L0.15ml/L0.25ml/L0.25ml/L0.25ml/L

Please note: we do not list in ppm, as some manufacturers do, because all ppm meters first measure in EC (electric conductivity) and then run a conversion program to display the reading in ppm. There are three different conversion factors (standards) that various manufacturers use for converting from EC to ppm. Thus, ppm is not a universal standard whereas EC is.

Bloom Phase

 Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7Week 8
Coir Flore A & B2.5ml/L2.5ml/L3.0ml/L3.0ml/L3.0ml/L3.0ml/L2.0ml/LNIL
Nutrient Strength EC1.51.51.9+
PK Elicit 1ml/L2ml/L1ml/L
Coir Flores + PK Elicit EC2.12.52.1
Super Silica0.25ml/L0.25ml/L0.25ml/L0.25ml/L0.25ml/L0.25ml/L0.1ml/LNIL
Connoisseur Blooms1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L1ml/L
Resin Finish0.5ml/L2ml/L

Feed charts should be seen as a guide only. Optimum EC is influenced by factors such as feed/fertigation frequency, temperature and humidity. Feed charts act to help less advanced growers (newbies) refine and develop a more sophisticated fertigation strategy relevant to their style of growing.