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G.Low (Glow) recently (October 2019) sold his share in Med-Tek Nutrients Australia and has relocated to Nth America to once again work in cannabis consultancy. He leaves the Med-Tek formulas in good hands with his onetime Australian business partner who continues to trade.


Currently, is under a transition phase until a permanent Med-Tek Nutrients Australia site is put online.


Nothing stated or displayed on this site should reflect on Med-Tek Nutrients Australia.


Updates to the new site domain address will be posted when it is live.


Thanks to all those who supported Med-Tek while I was in Australia.


It was quite the ride!


Job done… moving on.!




Viruses and Viroids in Cannabis and Hemp



Grow with Glow

The author of Integral Hydroponics, the book that has guided many thousands of Australian growers to success, brings you Med-Tek.

The mission statement of Med-Tek is to provide the highest quality formulations possible with yield and quality parameters in mind. Our aim is to empower hydroponic consumers with scientifically sound information and to market with integrity.

The Med-Tek formulas were developed through extensive crop trials in conjunction with tissue and essential oil profile analysis run through U.S. based laboratories. Med-Tek places quality parameters at the forefront of everything we do. Quality information. Quality research. Quality in production and Quality products. Our formulas are fully compliant with best practice ‘Med’ production standards to ensure that consumers receive the cleanest end product possible.

Most importantly, to date, Med-Tek products have received rave reviews from customers and retail stockists alike.

Base Nutrients

Mineral dense liquid fertiliser concentrates that provide optimised plant nutrition. The Med-Tek formulas were developed through years of crop trials in conjunction with tissue and essential oil profile analysis. The end result of this exacting research are formulas that are second to none.


We aren’t into telling growers that it takes dozens of additives to achieve optimum yields. Any manufacturer who claims it takes multiple additives along with their base nutrients to achieve optimum yields is either making/supplying an extremely sub par base nutrient or they are leading growers up the garden path. Thus, we manufacture and provide just a few additives in our range, and we would challenge anyone to put our products up against our competitors in side-by-side trials to measure the quality of our formulations/knowledge.

Med-Tek additives target both yield and quality parameters to bring out the best in your crop.

The Med-Tek Bloom Trio

PK Elicit, Connoisseur Blooms and Resin Finish. Take your growing to the next level. Med Grade for growers who take pride in their work.

  • PK Elicit, Biostimulant, PK Booster

PK Elicit is a unique PK bloom booster which, besides P and K, incorporates other crucial nutrient elements such as magnesium, sulphur, and low levels of ammonium and nitrate nitrogen along with iron and boron that help heavy flowering varieties achieve optimum yields. Additionally, PK Elicit utilizes biostimulant phosphite technology and low molecular weight organic acids to maximize crop quality and production.

  • Connoisseur Blooms

Heavier harvests with higher resin production

Connoisseur Blooms brings out the best in your crop through utilizing carefully selected organic biostimulants which act to increase the rate of photosynthesis, improving cell division, protein synthesis and uptake of water and nutrients. Additionally, Connoisseur Blooms utilizes elicitor molecules through incorporating low molecular weight oligosaccharides. These oligosaccharides act as biostimulants while also priming a defence mechanism in plants which results in higher levels of essential oil production.The use of Connoisseur Blooms will result in heavier harvests and a higher quality end-product that oozes oils/resins.

  • Resin Finish

Resin Finish is a potent elicitor that maxes out crop quality (essential oil production) in the last 7 – 14 days of the crop cycle. Resin Finish contains two potent elicitors which, due to their dramatic effect in activating the defense pathways of the plant, would be unsuitable for use at any other point of the crop cycle. The key to Resin Finish is that by the time you reach the last two weeks of the crop cycle, where many growers traditionally flush, cell division is about nil and the plant isn’t producing more biomass (size) per se; therefore, a strong stress response can be invoked without compromising yields. The end result of applying Resin Finish is that the plant packs on oils in the last 7 – 14 days of the crop cycle.

Synergy Coir for Root Disease Prevention

Highly Concentrated Beneficial Microbe,
Enzymatic Formulation for Coir Substrates

Trichoderma harzianum 500, 000,000 cfu/g
Trichoderma viride 500,000,000 cfu/g
Trichoderma koningii 250, 000, 000 cfu/g
Trichoderma reesei 250,000,000 cfu/g


* Promotes a dynamic, beneficial substrate/rhizosphere microflora

* Prevents root disease through ecological competition, mycoparasitism,
antibiosis and inducing local and systemic plant defense responses

* Increases root mass and health – larger, healthier roots = better yields

* Reverses root oxidation/damage

* Improves nutrient uptake

* Produces plant hormones – helps plants grow bigger


The Industry’s Most Credible and Informative Plant Science Based Website

We aren’t into flash and dash. We’re into quality and content. The Med-Tek Nutrients website ( is undoubtedly the industry’s most grow information rich site on the net today. You’ll find by looking at the ‘grow info’ section of the site menu that there are hundreds of thousands of words on all things ‘Med’ and ‘hydro’. This body of work has been put together over the last 10-15 years by G.Low (Glow) and much of it has been migrated from his personal website,, which has long been seen as reputable, trustworthy source of information by North American, UK, European and Australian growers.